AlUrjuan City Project (Qatar)

AlUrjuan City Project (Barwa AlKhour formerly) is deemed to be one of the giant landmark real estate projects in AlKhour City in the State of Qatar. AlKhour land is located (57) Kilometers away on the north of Al-Doha Qatari capital on the sea coast. AlKhour city is counted the second largest city in the State of Qatar and is a residential area characterized with its median location between the capital city, Al-Doha, Ras Laffan, and the grand petroleum industrial projects center, and is famous for fishery and some historical heritage landmarks.

This project is based on the real estate title in an area called AlKhour land project on an area of 5.5 million square meters. An integrated modern and developed society shall be built on this area, starting from the architectural and engineering planning, passing to the infrastructure and concluding with the configuration of all elements of civic life. The project has considerable capacity for 63,000 persons in addition to 40,000 visitors and guests who will come to the project for multiple purposes such as work or entertainment and recreation.

The project is deemed integral modern city as it includes on its coast a marine hotel and resort contains 340 units and 40 chalets opposite to the sea and supplied by the latest means of luxuries and comfort, in addition to other hotel located in downtown and contains 200 rooms and 400 fully served and distinct hotel apartments. The project provides certain deluxe villas and more than 20,000 housing units in addition to chalets; all of them are surrounded by elegant and spacious green lands in addition to gardens and squares. The project provides also 200,000 square meters for commercial use out of which 67,000 rental square meters for business centers and giant shopping center of rental area of 47,000 square meters. Our aim here is to attract businessmen, local and foreign companies to drive benefits from this opportunity.

The project is distinguished by the unique architectural finishes originated from the opulent Qatari heritage to be consistent with the inveterate history of AlKhour city and its distinct environmental place. Works on this project shall be distributed between multi-residential construction,  (villas, chalets, residential complexes, etc.) commercial (markets, commercial malls, services and shopping centers, etc.),  tourist and entertainment (hotels, resorts, playgrounds, gardens and entertainment sites, etc.) to serve all classes of Qataris and groups of Non-Qataris who have been allowed by law to have free and direct title of units offered in the project.

Barwa AlKhour Company, a Qatari limited liability company assumes the title in AlKhour land and takes the lead of its administration. It is owned by Al-Imtiaz Investment Company K.S.C.C. (60%) and Barwa Real Estate Company, Qatari Shareholding Company (40%) and Al Bilad Company's share reaches 7.5% in this project.

The most important factor distinguishing the project and raising its value is its existence within among the only three projects which allow free title for all nationalities in the State of Qatar.


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